Bibliotekarz Podlaski

Current Issue

Vol 51 No 2 (2021)
Published August 16, 2021


Anna Romanik, PhD (University of Białystok, Poland)

Artur Malinowski, PhD (Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University, Odessa, Ukraine)

Borderlands in literature and culture in an East European context

Joel J. Janicki
Coercion and Coerciveness in the Politics of Cold-War Ukraine and Taiwan
Nina Taylor-Terlecka
Western Travellers in the Caucasus. Georgia’s Highways and Byways: Hotels, Inns & Taverns in the 19th Century
Artur Malinowski
Market - Bargaining - Exchange as a Framework for Spatial Boundaries (N. Gogol – H. Kvitka-Osnovianeko)
PDF (Українська)
Hanna Ratuszna
Locus Amoenus and Locus Horridus – on the poetry of Oskar Miłosz. Discussion
PDF (Język polski)
Halina Turkiewicz
“I took the names of birds and fruit from them”. The Poetic Image of Home and Family Created by Czesław Miłosz
PDF (Język polski)
Iryna Nechytalyuk
Corporeality in Oleksandr Dovzhenko’s Project La Terra: Performativity Aspects
PDF (Українська)
Ryszard Kupidura
A Volhynian among the Mountains – Carpathian Epic of Ulas Samchuk
PDF (Język polski)
Hreta Rynkiavichutse
Game Strategies in M. Arbatova’s "Play The Trial Session"
PDF (Русский)
Vera Occheli
Polish Drama of the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries on the Stage of the Georgian Theatre
PDF (Русский)
Olha Yaruchyk
Ukrainian Emigration in the Republic of Poland in the Interwar Twenties: Towards Developing One’s Own Identity
PDF (Język polski)
Marek Rutkowski
How Invading Countries Dealt With Fugitives and Deserters – Russian-Prussian Cartel Conventions from 1816-1830
PDF (Język polski)
Patryk Suchodolski
Progress vs. Conservatism. "Peasants’ Issue" in the Views of Zygmunt Gloger and Gustaw Manteuffel
PDF (Język polski)
Paweł Wojciechowski
The Caucasus in the Lyric Poetry of Władysław Strzelnicki and Tadeusz Łada-Zabłocki
PDF (Język polski)
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