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- “Bibliotekarz Podlaski” Volume 50 Issue 1/2021 – Call for Papers

We invite you to contribute to the thematic issue (1/2021) entitled “Norwid’s Tradition in Polish and World Culture”. The theme was inspired by the 200th anniversary of the birth of one of the most outstanding Polish poets: Cyprian Kamil Norwid.

We would like to focus not only on the works and poetic profile of Norwid, but – above all – on the phenomenon of his presence and absence in the literature of later eras, including in contemporary culture. We would like to analyse to what extent the influence of Norwid and his poetic output is still alive. What was his role in the process of shaping Polish literature in the 19th and 20th centuries? What is his influence on contemporary literature, including poetry? How do we define the idiom of Norwid’s poetry, prose, dramas, aesthetic and critical writings today? What styles of literary reflection on Norwid – both older and modern – deserve an in-depth analysis today? To what extent and to what countries and cultures outside of Poland did Norwid’s influence spread? How should Norwid's works be published today? Naturally, we are also interested in contemporary interpretations of Norwid’s works.

The leading editors will be: Prof. Jarosław Ławski and Łukasz Zabielski, Ph.D.

The deadline for submitting texts is 10 March 2021. Please send your declaration of participation in the project and a draft of the topic by the end of January 2021.

The declaration may be sent to one of the following e-mail addresses:

or via the “Bibliotekarza Podlaskiego” (OJS) website:

Detailed information is available on the website of the Polish Studies Newsletter.

- The editorial team of “Bibliotekarz Podlaski” regrets to inform you that due to organisational problems as a result of the pandemic, delays in publication are possible. At the same time, we would like to ensure you that we will make every effort to minimise the impact of any delays in our publishing calendar.

- A special English-language issue of the journal entitled “Migration experience: intercultural and interdisciplinary perspectives” has been published – volume 47 issue 2/2020. It contains articles by researchers from diverse (both in geographical and disciplinary terms), international scientific circles. On this occasion, we have introduced new solutions, such as the more universal bibliographic style of the American Psychological Association (APA) etc.

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