Media, Community Building, and Refugee Resettlement Policies: The Impact of Canada’s Welcoming Culture and Media Coverage on the Settlement Outcomes of Resettled Syrian Refugees
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Nasri, M. (2020). Media, Community Building, and Refugee Resettlement Policies: The Impact of Canada’s Welcoming Culture and Media Coverage on the Settlement Outcomes of Resettled Syrian Refugees. Bibliotekarz Podlaski, 47(2), 139-155.


This paper argues that positive online media coverage of Syrian refugees arriving in Canada, and the welcoming culture of Canadian society, have both influenced positive settlement and integration outcomes for Syrian refugees. It also provides a better understanding of Canada’s response to the Syrian refugee crisis and shows how the process of resettlement becomes stronger when local community members and citizens are involved. These arguments are demonstrated firstly by analyzing the relationship between welcoming cultures, positive media coverage, and the perception of refugees. Secondly, the role of media coverage in influencing welcoming cultures in Canada, as well as its role in encouraging community members and ordinary citizens to be involved in national humanitarian projects, is described. Finally, information related to Canada’s welcoming culture and positive media coverage are discussed relative to settlement outcomes, which portrays the strong influence of storytelling and inclusive communities on the success of new immigrants as they rebuild their lives in a new country. The various refugee resettlement programs in Canada are also outlined. The Canadian response to the Syrian refugee crisis has demonstrated to the world a different approach to civic engagement and humanitarian work. This national humanitarian response may be perceived as a major successful project. Nevertheless, it also leaves us with many unanswered questions around the topic, and most importantly, questions about the relationship between politics and power, citizenship, culture, online media and public opinions.
PDF (English)


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