Mapping the Way: The Use of Maps in Artistic Projects, Working with Migrants and Refugees
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Sheridan, B. (2020). Mapping the Way: The Use of Maps in Artistic Projects, Working with Migrants and Refugees. Bibliotekarz Podlaski, 47(2), 217-231.


This article deals with three art projects which take into account the relationship between maps, migration and memory. We shall analyse how Céline Boyer, Bouchra Khalili and Marie Moreau artistically respond to the diverse waves of migration in Europe. In each of their respective projects, engagement with these themes and with individual participants created opportunities for the transmission of knowledge and experience. The connection between maps and power is explored relative to these artistic projects and related processes. Whether it be photography, writing, video installation or participative ateliers, all three artists seem to pinpoint the importance of the hand when it comes to telling and mapping a story.
PDF (English)


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