Jews of Eastern Poland
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Jewish artists
Jewish writers
World War II

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Derewiecka , O. (2022). Jews of Eastern Poland: [Rev. Jews of Eastern Poland. Series VIII: Jewish artists, ed. J. Ławski, J. Wildowicz, Białystok 2020, 480 p., ISBN 9788365696656]. Bibliotekarz Podlaski, 55(2), 315–322.


The subject of the Holocaust and the extermination of Polish Jews is still a current topic. For many years, research has been carried out to save not only this difficult time in the history of the world from oblivion, but also to restore the memory of individual people who created and influenced the development of the local community and culture. The review recalls one of the most forgotten people, who co-created the local community and had a real impact on its broadly understood development. This topic is also important due to the identity of a given region and its impact on artists concentrated in large cities in Poland at that time. Publications referring to forgotten characters are necessary and are still missing on the Polish publishing market.
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