Discourses of Power in the work of Juliusz Słowacki
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Juliusz Słowacki
discourses of power

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Juliusz Słowacki, a Polish Romantic poet and dramatist, was born in Krzemieniec, where he spent part of his life. As a result, he was well-versed in Ukrainian, and as a writer, he largely depended on Ukrainian settings, Ukrainian history, and Ukrainian folklore. Ukrainian themes became an inherent part of his literary works. Best
known for his masterpieces Balladyna (1834), Mazepa (1839), Lilla Weneda (1840), Jan Kazimierz (1839), Beniowski (1841), Sen srebrny Salomei (1843), and Ksiądz Marek (1843), Słowacki is now regarded as an outstanding writer, whose ideas and aesthetic values influenced generations of other European artists. Underrated during his lifetime, he appears at his most resplendent nowadays. The discourses of power in the works of Słowacki are given close attention because they are of crucial importance for his original texts. The multi-faceted personalities of numerous monarchs depicted by him, give an insight into the author’s understanding of power and its nature.

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