Foreigners in "Cudzoziemka" and Other Novels by Maria Kuncewiczowa
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Maria Kuncewiczowa

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Supady, G. (2023). Foreigners in "Cudzoziemka" and Other Novels by Maria Kuncewiczowa. Bibliotekarz Podlaski Ogólnopolskie Naukowe Pismo Bibliotekoznawcze I Bibliologiczne, 57(4), 333–351.


The novels of Maria Kuncewiczowa abound in opinions on “foreigners” — primarily
Russians, Germans, and Austrians. These observations were literary-processed reflections of the writer”s personal experiences acquired during her long stays abroad, mainly in England, France, and the USA, as well as during the trips she made through Germany, Austria, and other European countries. However, the perception of Polish-Russian relations was influenced by matters related to the history of the writer’s family, born in the last decade of the 19th century in Russian territory. Despite the passage of time, many of Kuncewiczowa’s judgments have retained their credibility and objectivity, and the events she describes can still inspire readers to critical reflection.
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