Socio-cultural dimensions of Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky's life project
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esthetic criterion
creative biography
artistic technique

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Maliutina , N. (2022). Socio-cultural dimensions of Mykhailo Kotsyubynsky’s life project. Bibliotekarz Podlaski, 54(1), 363-371.


In the review of the scientific monograph, Y. Polishchuk presents an attempt to trace what contributed to the appearance of this book in the creative biography of the researcher. Two main positions of the author of the monograph are analyzed. First, the aesthetic understanding of the creative individuality of M. Kotsyubinsky. Second, the problem of dissonance between the ideal world of the beautiful (beauty) and the pragmatics of the physical (the mirror of being). Analogies of artistic writing with the techniques of cinematographic technique are traced, which made it possible to note interspecific coherence in the writer's work. It has been concluded that the reflection of biographical models in the poetics of M. Kotsyubinsky's works has been traced in an innovative way.
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