Code of Ethics

Acting in accordance with the directive line of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Editors of Bibliotekarz Podlaski have introduced a set of rules aimed at eliminating cases of ghostwriting and guest authorship.


“Ghostwriting” is understood as a situation when an author takes all the credit for work produced by somebody else.

“Guest authorship (honorary authorship)” is understood as a situation when an author’s contribution to the given work is either minimal or was not made at all, and she/he is still listed as the main author or co-author.

“Ghostwriting” and “guest authorship” are examples of stark academy dishonesty. If such situations are revealed, the Editorial Board will immediately notify them to appropriate institutions (institutions of different kinds employing authors, learned societies, associations of editors, etc.).


Authors of publications submitted to our journal are required to name all co-authors of submissions (specifying their affiliations and the extent of their contribution, namely the authorship of particular ideas, theoretical assumptions, methods, etc., that have been used while preparing submissions). All the responsibility for possible inaccuracies is delegated to the authors submitting their proposals.


The Editorial Board of Bibliotekarz Podlaski expects to be notified of any possible sources of financing the given submission and/or of any institutional contributions to them.


The Editorial Board of Bibliotekarz Podlaski will document and record any examples of academic dishonesty, particularly any behaviours that infringe the ethical principles of academic work.