"Bibliotekarz Podlaski" Vol 54 No 1/2022

“Bibliotekarz Podlaski” 1/2022 (LIV)

We would like to invite you to co-create a monograph (1/2022) entitled “Marcel Proust, his Predecessors, and Heirs.” The topic is related to the 100th anniversary of Marcel Proust’s death, one of the most prominent French, European, and global writers.

In November 1922, a time of Marcel Proust’s nearing death, his work only started to thrive. After nearly one hundred years, his works still delight readers with depth and artistry.
Not only is In Search of Lost Time a masterpiece of global literature but also a philosophical attempt in reaching the origins of human existence as art. It touches upon basic human feelings, like longing for harmony and kairos, and verbalizes an ancient symbol of Ouroboros. Through exploration of memory mechanisms, Proust takes on a calling to getting to know himself, and achieving Plato’s anamnesis with the help of classic European philosophy. At the same time, he references Henri Bergson, who thought that life should focus on experiences and actions of an individual.
A beautiful, poetic answer to questions about human existence is the base of Proust’s works. It is one of the most valuable literary works that includes a variety of research fields, e.g. philosophy, psychology, history, and medicine. The reader is invited to a conversation of painters, musicians, sculptors, and architects. It is also worth remembering that Proust was an art and literary critic (Contre Sainte-Beuve), and a translator (La Bible d'Amiens, Sésame et les Lys), whose works deserve the attention.
The 100th anniversary of Proust’s birthday, which takes place in 2022, is a great time for reflection on his oeuvre, the period of time when he lived and wrote, and the reception which he did not experience during his lifetime.
The editorial team of “Bibliotekarz Podlaski” would like to participate in the celebration of this anniversary, therefore we invite you to co-create the monograph entitled:

“Marcel Proust, his Predecessors, and Heirs.”

We propose topics within the fields of literature, philosophy, psychology, history, and art:
1. Proust through the eyes of contemporary writers, contemporary writers through the eyes of Proust.
2. Polish literary critics on Proust’s work.
3. In Search of Lost Time as a fresco of the Belle Époque.
4. Proust – a revolutionary writer or an imitator of well-known artists from 19th century?
5. A theme of memory. A journey back in time. A journey back into yourself.
6. Proust as an heir of classic philosophy.
7. Proust, Bergson, Freud – mechanisms of memory, time, intuition, personality, and identity.
8. Senses and language as tools for self-discovery and self-analysis.
9. Proust as a translator and an art critic.
10. Proust’s language in technical, philosophical, and literary aspects.
11. Proust’s style.
12. Dantism in Proust’s oveuvre.
13. Proust and French literature of the 20th century as an inspiration for Polish and European artists – a comparative analysis.

The managing director of “Bibliotekarz Podlaski” monograph is: PhD Agnieszka Włoczewska from the University of Bialystok.

Please send us your declaration of participation and a draft of your topic until 31 December 2021. We are waiting for your texts until 31 January 2022.

You may send in your submission to one of the following e-mail addresses:


or through the website of “Bibliotekarz Podlaski” (OJS):