Ethical guidelines for authors

The Editorial Board of "Bibliotekarz Podlaski" decides to accept the article for publication after prior examination of the degree of its originality, topicality of the issues raised, substantive value and clarity of the message, based on the relationship of the submitted article with the topics covered by the Journal's competence.

The Authors must present the results of their research in agreement with scholarly standards. The papers must be original; the findings and words of other researchers must be appropriately acknowledged. Plagiarism is not accepted. The Authors must obtain written permission to reproduce any previously published materials.

The same manuscript should not be submitted to several journals at the same time.
All the co-authors of an article are equally responsible for compliance with the journal’s publication ethics.

The Authors (Contributors) are obliged to observe the standards of scientific integrity and the universally applicable rules of publication ethics. The Contributors are obliged to cooperate with the editorial team during the review and, if applicable, publication process. They are also obliged at all times to provide access to the data they refer to in their manuscripts. The Contributors should disclose any conflicts of interest that may affect the results of the study or their interpretation, e.g. grants, royalties, other forms of funding, membership in organisations and associations, employment relationships, consulting work, ownership of shares or other equity interests, patents, licensing agreements, and personal or professional relations. All sources of financial support for the manuscript must be disclosed, including the subsidy number or another reference to the source of funding. If a manuscript has been written by several contributors, the contributors have the duty to disclose their contributions, indicating exactly what the contribution of a given author was.

The Contributors may submit only their own original manuscripts for publication. Any references to works and studies of other authors should be clearly indicated, accompanied by appropriate commentary and notes, and should be mentioned in the bibliography. Failure to comply with the above rules is a manifestation of scientific dishonesty. Ghostwriting, ghost authorship, guest authorship and gift authorship are considered manifestations of authorship and scientific dishonesty.

The Authors are obliged to notify “Bibliotekarz Podlaski” of discovering any significant inaccuracies or errors in the published manuscript they have written as authors or co-authors. They are responsible for the rectification of such inaccuracies or errors by way of an explanatory note, correction or any other appropriate measure in respect of the next issue or printout.

The Contributors may submit only manuscripts that have not been submitted and provided to other publishers for publication. Submitting manuscripts to several publishers at the same time is unethical. Authors have the right to present the articles published in “Bibliotekarz Podlaski” on conferences and on symposia.