Genre Tropics, Fiction, the Spheres of Personages in the Latest Prose of Polish Postrealists
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Dariusz Piechota
literary studies
polish literature

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Maliutina, N. (2023). Genre Tropics, Fiction, the Spheres of Personages in the Latest Prose of Polish Postrealists: [Rev. D. Piechota, Postrealist Experiments. Sketches on the Latest Polish Literature, Episteme Press, Lublin 2022, 322 p., ISBN: 978-83-67049-45-0]. Bibliotekarz Podlaski Ogólnopolskie Naukowe Pismo Bibliotekoznawcze I Bibliologiczne, 58(1), 379–386.


The monograph by Dariusz Piechota analyses some images, motifs, and types of
characters that go back to Polish prose of the second half of the 19th century as well as modernism. The book deals with the global problems of civilization that have determined the consciousness of modern society. The author demonstrates that addressing specific topical issues (ecology and climate change, diseases, and destruction of personal identification under the influence of pop culture and the digital age) acquires genre characteristics in post-realist prose. Traditional genres (soap operas, family sagas, melodrama, etc.) have been enriched with features of other genres or methods of seeing the world. The author traced the features (signs) of a fairy tale, dystopia, or anti-utopia, a psychological story in the latest Polish and American stories.
PDF (Język Polski)


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